Thursday, October 20, 2011

Embedding Audio?

The only drawback I've found to operating the entire site utilizing Google's tools has been the lack of a method to host audio files.  I suppose I could drop the files in my dropbox and share them from there or even utilize one of the well-known file-sharing websites like RapidShare or Mediafire, but I'd really like to keep things all together.

In that light, I took advantage of the ability to upload any type of file to Google Docs.  Now you can't stream from Google Docs, but at least I can offer a link and allow people to download an audio file without having to host it myself.

So, most recently, I've uploaded the mp3 version of my interview on Type 3 TV to Google Docs.  I signed out of my Google account and visited the site to see what the experience might be like as a random visitor and while there was a lag obtaining the download link (might have just been me) I was able to retrieve the file.

Hopefully site visitors will find the experience just as easy and will let me know if they don't.

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