Friday, September 16, 2011

52 Pick Up

Have you ever played "52 Pick Up"?  Y'know, that "game" where someone asks if you want to play "52-Pick-Up", you say "Sure" and they throw a deck of cards up in the air and announce "OK, pick 'em up!"  (har har har)

That's what this blog is right now.  I'm going through posts to check for broken pictures and links and...

Holy crap.

I've got links to pictures on Flickr (an account on which I don't even have anymore)
I've got links to pictures on Picasa (but in the wrong album)
I've got links to videos on news sites that have long gone to their archives

I guess it's not too bad, after all. But there is a lot of fixing and reformatting to do.  I might have to pull down some posts until I can find (*if* I can find) the pictures that belong to them.

I know I've archived every version of Creepy Cleveland I've ever had, so maybe the missing pieces are in a zip file or tarball somewhere on some hard drive in my closet?

I hope so.

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