Monday, September 19, 2011

Making a Timeline

Over the years I've tried to keep archives of all the different versions of Creepy Cleveland and each time I moved the site or redesigned it, I added a little and removed a little.  Looking over all those files and trying to make sense of when things happened I decided to try to create a timeline.  Surely there must be a service for such a thing, right?  Indeed. was the first page I found and apart from the inability to enter pictures into the timeline (it keeps throwing an IO Error), I'm pleased with the results so far:

I'd like to keep adding to it and flesh out the details enough so certain events make more sense (I just sort of wrote up a sentence fragment - to help me remember) and see if I can get the import pictures-thing to work.  If I can get it the way I want it I may be able to replace the "History of Creepy Cleveland" page, which is getting too big to be interesting anymore.  (Not to mention the significant events I'm missing)

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