Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hitting the Links

Once upon a time, I tried using delicious to keep track of bookmarks I wanted to feature on Creepy Cleveland. Then delicious got bought out by Yahoo! Then delicious got bought out by AVOS Systems.

What the hell?

So today, in a continuing effort to consolidate everything under my Google account, I imported my old Creepy Cleveland bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

It's pretty nice although not as "social" as delicious was. 

Google bookmarks feature a "List" concept where I can gather links together into a collection and share the collection as a "List".  So I have.  So far I've created a "Blogroll" list and a "Media" list.

The Blogroll list is reserved for other sites devoted to hauntings, ghosts, graveyards or ghost-hunting around the northern Ohio area.  This is the list I put you on when you say "Hey!  Here's my link.  If you put my link on your site I'll put your link on mine."

The other list is "Media".  Especially around this time of year there are lots and lots of Halloween-themed articles that appear on local (and not-so-local) newspaper websites.  Most of these articles are really good, but the nature of the internet makes them roll-off the sites or get buried deep within the site structure as time goes on.  By Christmas the pages are either gone completely or buried under two tons of other holiday links.  This list will try to keep them alive.  (At least until they disappear)

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