Friday, September 16, 2011

What's In A Name

So I redirected the domain name tonight.  So far so good.  I put a meta-refresh on the old site, so even if the domain hasn't switched to the new site, you'd wind up at the new site anyway.

I'm surprised at the amount of traffic the blogspot site still received over the last couple years.  It's been active the whole time, but I had put a "We've Moved!" post on the front page redirecting people to the new domain name (and hence, the new site).

I was going through some of the referring links (I'm always interested in what brings people here) and noticed a few Google searches (nothing odd about that).  So I clicked on the links to see where Creepy Cleveland showed up on the searches people performed.

Dead link.

So I tried another.

Dead link.

Oh, shit.  The domain name!  A whole bunch of the links that show up on search engines don't point here anymore.  It's gonna take a while to build up new results and get them showing up in the search results.

Hopefully, hosting a blog with Google will speed up the process some.

In any event, if you run into any dead links from search engines.  Click through anyway and try the search on the site.  The content is probably here, it just hasn't been crawled under the new name yet.

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