Friday, September 16, 2011

Another new beginning

Another September rolls around and I stare longingly at Creepy Cleveland sitting over there on the shelf. 

Untouched for most, if not all, of the summer, it's time to wipe off the dust and get the web site ready for fall.

Like the Overlook after a long winter, I give everything a good once-over and do small repairs. Fix broken links, remove obsolete posts and check connections to outside services.

This year, I've decided to finally start a new blog to track all the behind the scenes stuff that happens with the blog.

 For years now, I've toyed with posting non-CreepyCleveland related entries (some may argue that I have indeed posted quite a few non-CreepyCleveland entries) to try to get some feedback on the technical side of things.

 I've also changed the blog engine a number of times in the last few years. Creepy Cleveland has gone from a flat, hard to maintain, straight-html custom web site to a semi-interactive php site. From there I decided to move to a blog format and feature the stories and contributions. I started on Blogger and moved to Wordpress.

As of 2011, I'm moving back to Blogger. Once again, I'm willing to give up some granularity in behind-the-scenes control in order to have better up-time and integration with the Google tools I already use to power much of the site (gmail, maps, calendar). 

This blog is going to feature all the technical and maybe not-so-technical flotsam I create and endure to run Creepy Cleveland.

 Sounds like fun.

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